Kingwood Management is a supplemental tool to an association's Board of Directors and community. We act as an advisory agent to the Board, assist with the management and enforcement of the governing documents (as directed by the Board), and provide a third-party customer-service contact for the homeowners. Kingwood Management currently manages 15 associations across the Midwest. We are privileged to have manage some of our clients for over 15 years. 

Kingwood has a wide array of services that we can provide your association. We will work with your Board of Directors to ensure we continue in the direction you have already set for your community. Services we can provide your Board include:

  • Quarterly Board of Director Meetings

  • Annual Association Meeting

  • Fiscal Management (e.g. preparing financial reports, tracking and collecting delinquencies, etc.)

  • Administrative-Support Services

  • Homeowner Customer Service

  • Coordination of Request for Proposals (RFPs)

  • Maintenance

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Menu of Services

All of the services listed are included in our standard monthly fee unless otherwise stated.


Board of Director Meetings* - preparation of:

  • Notice of Meeting

  • Agenda/Packets

  • Prior Board Meeting Minutes

  • YTD Financial Statements

Annual Association Meeting* - preparation of:

  • Notice of Meeting

  • Agenda

  • Prior Annual Meeting Minutes

  • YTD Financials

  • Present Proposed Budget

Daily Association Activity

  • Obtain Vendor Estimates (e.g. lawn and snow services)

  • Quality Control of Vendors (e.g. lawn and snow services)

  • Day-to-Day Communication with the Board, Homeowners, Vendors, Etc.

  • Assistance in Rectifying Disputes

Administrative-Support Services

  • Trust Accounting (e.g. monthly reports, including a balance sheet, profit and loss, payables detail, and bills paid)

  • Late Letters for Association Dues

Fiscal Management

  • Distribution of Welcome Packets

  • Provide Dues Coupons

  • Late Notices/Fees

  • Bill Approval/Payment

  • Monthly Financial Statement/Report

  • Tax Return Assistance

  • Annual Corporation Report Filing

  • Budget Preparation

  • Collect Assessments (dues)

  • Track and Collect Delinquencies

  • Property Sale Disclosure Statements


  • Quick Response to Maintenance Requests (within 48 hours for non-emergencies)

  • 24/7 Response for Maintenance Emergencies

  • Recommendations for a Long-Term Replacement Plan for Capital Expenditures***

*Excluded in monthly fee: Cost of paper, envelopes, printing, and postage

**Maintenance is billed time and material at a rate of $47.00 per hour.

***Kingwood works with outside contractors to provide this service at an additional cost.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our association-management services or are interested in choosing Kingwood Management as your association-management provider, please fill out the form below or contact one of our property managers using the contact information provided below. 


Property Managers

Jennifer Sherwin

Property Manager

651-439-7812 x412

Associations: Amundson Place, Chateauguet, Fox Glen, Lake Elmo Old Village, Lifestyle Village, Lighthouse Carriage, Lighthouse Villas, Pine Glen, Stillwater Crossings, and Valley View Gardens

Ryan Skogen

Property Manager/Realtor

651-439-7812 x429

Association: Sterling Way