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Kingwood Management, Minnesota Association Management, Property Management
Kingwood Management - Established 1982

Kingwood Corporation, dba Kingwood Management, has been managing investment real estate for others since 1982. We are a "full service" management company including a very active and experienced maintenance division. Our staff prides itself in the service we give our Owners and the Residents of the units we manage.

Kingwood has managed properties for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), is a registered contractor for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), and has managed several properties that have gone into receivership, as the Court Appointed Receivr.

Kingwood Management presently manages or provides marketing and/or maintenance services for over thirty (30) individual owners of a wide variety of investment properties. Managed properties have included an assortment of commercial properties and approximately 1800 residential units.  Kingwood has also managed a variety of townhome associations.

Our strengths have always been our ability to be flexible as we meet the needs of our customers and our ability to provide the services required with our full service staff.



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